Have you ever woken up or pondered at night because of feelings of guilt after shopping for something? Or, have you been overwhelmed by the euphoria of impulsive shopping lately, just because it was affected by discounts scattered across various online and offline stores? Which ultimately causes your expenses to swell. It could even be your savings so disturbed. If you have been or are in this situation, all you need is financial detox. Financial detox is an activity to change an action or not make certain expenses that make your finances swollen. This might sound easy, but for those who are already accustomed to spending even though it is not needed, this financial detox requires a lot of planning and hard will. This emphasizes resetting your shopping habits. The rest is about how you see and use the money you have.

There are many ways to do a financial detox because this detox must be done based on the conditions and financial goals that you want to achieve in the long run. The stages of this financial detox start from the simple to the more extreme. However, it all depends on how much money you want to keep and what spending habits you want to leave. You could start with weekend financial detox. In this type of detox, you have to freeze expenses on weekends in certain weeks or months. Or if you want a significant change, you can do it on weekends every month. Which means you can’t spend money on anything for 48 hours straight. As much as possible, during these 48 hours, there are no grocery shopping activities, dinner via online messages, and other coins.

Perhaps the weekend is the simplest of the other methods of financial detox because spending fasting is only done two days a week. Therefore, if you are the first time you want to try financial detox, you can try it from this stage first, before moving on to the next stage. However, undergoing financial detox on weekends can also be challenging for you to know. Namely, you must be willing to sacrifice some activities that you normally enjoy with friends or family, such as hangouts in a coffee shop or watching a movie.

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