So far, real estate investment is one of the promising investments. The advantage of the property is that the price is always rising. Investing in real estate is indeed likely to benefit you. However, although it is not as high risk as stocks, you also have to be observant. You must pay attention to several things so as not to regret when buying real estate. What are your goals in investing? Do you want to sell it back and make a profit on real estate investment? Or do you want to buy it for a long-term plan? For example, for the provision of children in the future. For rent. Or, for retirement later. Keep in mind that if you want to make easy cash quickly, it will not work in this investment.

Real estate is not a liquid item. The liquidity of goods is determined by the speed with which they are sold and become cash. It’s not that fast for the property to become cash. Strategic homes need time to be sold. Indeed, almost all property prices tend to rise. However, it depends on several factors, one of which is location. The property is located in a strategic location, close to infrastructure, and easy access, of course, it will be easy to become a business. Boarding house or restaurant for example. What about properties that are far from the city center? Far from infrastructure? Access is difficult? Of course, it’s hard for you to use it. When buying real estate, don’t just look at the luxury of the building. Or tempted by the price so cheap. Try to check the location of the property.

By making the property a rented house for families or shops and making boarding houses, then you can generate passive income. But it’s not that easy. You must consider several things. How much does the treatment cost? How much is the rent? Is electricity included? Many people forget components such as maintenance costs, electricity costs, and so on. This can cause losses you know. For that, always make sure how much the cost must be incurred in the use of the property. Then, calculate so that you don’t lose.

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